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I'm Chet Boner, welcome to this small page. Scroll down to see my links and pictures.

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I will be posting every few days awesome exclusive videos and pics of my growth, dick stretching, endless precum drooling, dick pumping, you name it! Will be a great "sticky" channel. You won't regret supporting me ;) As a college junior student, I thank you! <3
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Just a few photos for you to know what you're missing ;) Join my channel on telegram, follow on instagram, or subscribe on onlyfans to see more!

About Me (Chet Boner)

I have a Telegram you can message me directly on! Use the icon below.
I use twitter sometimes, but you'll find me on Telegram more actively. 
OnlyFans is active and running! I do promos time to time. Best to follow my Telegram channel for a giveaway ;) 
I do write fictional "growth" stories that can be extreme sometimes. lol
You will find those on Metabods. If you find some interesting or cum to them, make sure to leave a comment at the bottom of the story! I read every comment. 

I love the idea of getting BIGGER and BIGGER! Both muscles fitness, and increasing the size of my penis/dick/cock. I love it! I started my workout progress back in September 2019 at a mere 129lbs (58.513kg). If you want to know my current stats, to follow my Telegram private channel. Link above. 

I'm on a muscle growth forum known as Gotta Get Bigger. Focuses on muscle growth, penis enlargement, and porn. lol Just check it out, it's pretty awesome.

I do have an Instagram you can follow. Will be focused on my body, fitness, and overall health. The instagram will be a more Safe For Work version of what I post on my telegram channel (which has more nudes, dicks, etc...)

I have experiemented with increase my precumming abilities with supplements and I must say that they actually do work! You just need to do research and find what works. Reading that article I just linked to actually shows a lot of what I've tried and I recommended giving it a look over. 


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